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Better than Mass Emails...


Hi there,

You're probably only be here because I've told you about this site - and Lord help you if you've found it by accident.

I've set it up to keep everyone posted about my activities abroad, and as a way for y'all to keep in touch with moi. So please, please do. Japan is pretty far away, after all...!

Have fun!

C :-)

About Me

I'm a drama student, soon to have an MA in Greek Theatre Performance - perhaps the most useful qualification on earth. Right up there with basket weaving from Dundalk... But I love my subject, most of the time.
I'm going to Japan in October for 18 months, to study Japanese theatre with particular reference to anything I can find there about Samuel Beckett, William Shakespeare (maybe...) and Ancient Greek Drama. Oh, and I'm obsessed with Yukio Ninagawa. He is my idol.


I am a theatre practitioner and academic. (Ew.) Still trying to figure out which one is going to win in the oily wrestling match in my brain. There has been much mud-slinging, but I'm sure we'll soon have a winner...


Talking mouth

Quote of the Day...

You know what else is incredibly sad? Poor people with big dreams. Actually that's not so much incredibly sad as it is incredibly funny... (Karen Walker)

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